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The Jury Act allows potential jurors to request an excusal (also called an exemption) from jury service based on certain circumstances. Exemptions are either granted or denied at the sheriffs’ discretion. Please note: Requesting an exemption does not mean you are exempt.. The Jury Act provides examples of potential grounds for exemption such as: over age 65, hardship, religion,. Jury Selection - COVID-19 Exemptions Nov 25, 2020 If you have been summonsed to attend jury selection, you may apply for an exemption to the requirement to attend jury selection if:. Shorts. Mini skirts. Graphic tees. Crop tops. Loungewear. Workout clothes. Open-toed shoes. If you wear any of these pieces, you run the risk of being turned away and having to reschedule. If you're wondering what to wear to jury duty to not get picked, don't. California law55 states that "the mother of a breastfed child" can delay jury duty for up to one year, and can ask for an extension after her infant is one year old . The law also requires that the exemption for breastfeeding be part of the standard jury duty summons so that all lactating persons are aware of this protection .55.
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